The Offshore Yachting Club of Rhodes (O.Y.C.R.) was founded in 1989 based in Rhodes, through the love of its founders for the sea.


Our Values!

The Club's Objectives, according to its statuary, are:

Our statutory 

The Club's Statuary of the Association is fully harmonized with the directives of the EIO (Available only in Greek)


Our facilities

The club's facilties are located in the Zefyros area of Rhodes, near the new Marina of Rhodes. Events, seminars and all theoretical courses of the Sailing School take place in the Association building.

Our address is OYCR, 14 Klaudiou Pepper, Rhodes, 85100

Our activities

Our activities start from 1986, focused exclusively in Open Sea Sailing, while the recognition of OYCR. by the Hellenic Sailing Federation came in 1989.

The events of OYCR, as sportsing, cultural and social events have been established as an important part of the cultural activity of our island.

OYC Rhodes and its members are always willing to serve you and we are open to work together for the development of sailing and "Fare Play".

Our Management

After the elections that took place on April 2, 2023, the members of the new Board of Directors were constituted as follows:

Position Name
President Stamatis Stavras
Vice President Nikos Koumnakis Secretary General Georgios Karachanis Treasurer Karambis Ilias

Races Commissioner Michalis Kasiotis

School Manager Emmanuel Spyridis Facilities & Material Manager Emmanuel Markou Events Manager Ourania Kouri 

Members Manager Nikolaos Hatzidimitriou